is being operated by Dental Berries.

1. Terms and conditions to govern - these terms and conditions represent the final and complete agreement of the parties and no terms or conditions in any way modifying or changing the provisions stated herein shall be binding upon our company unless made in writing and signed and approved by an officer or other authorized person at our company.

2. Acceptance of orders - all orders are subject to written price verification by our company personnel.

3. Price - prices quoted are without inclusion of transportation charges. Buyer will be liable to pay transportation charges at the time of completion of the order.

4. Transportation - unless otherwise provided, our company shall use its judgment in determining carrier. In either case, our company shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from its selection.

5. Packing - unless otherwise provided, our company will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. No special packing provision would be available.

6. Return of products - goods can be returned within 2 days of receiving that product. Color variations are not subject to exchange. Only major defects would be replaced . Customers returning goods are responsible for freight charges.

7. Payment terms - any discount applies only to the invoiced value of the material (not to taxes or freight charges). Our company reserves the right to require advance payment. If buyer fails to make payment in accordance with terms of this agreement then company can cancel the shipment.

8. Superior Force - our company shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations related to delivery & availability of stock in case of pre booking or otherwise resulting directly or indirectly from or contributed to by acts of god; acts of buyer, civil or military authority, including wage and price controls; fires; war; riot; delays in transportation; lack of or inability to obtain raw materials (including energy sources), components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances beyond our company's reasonable control, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. If certain quantities are affected and other quantities are not, the quantities affected shall be eliminated without liability, but the agreement shall remain unaffected.

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